Getting enough calcium is important for you to have healthy, strong bones and teeth. Your body uses calcium, along with phosphorus, protein, and vitamins A,D, and C to form bone tissue. Calcium combines with the other minerals to give structure and strength to your bones.

Do You Get Enough?

Because your body cannot make its own calcium, it depends on you to supply it—even when you are a grown adult. Many people underestimate the importance of calcium in their diet, and have trouble with brittle bones when they get older. Milk and other foods from the Milk Group, like cheese and yogurt, are the best sources for calcium in the American diet.

The following servings from the Milk Group are recommended for each age group:

Children (ages 1 - 10) 3 servings
Teenagers (ages 11 - 18) 4 servings
Adults (ages 19 - 40) 3 servings
Pregnant and Nursing women 4 servings
Pregnant and nursing teenagers 5 servings
Adults over 40 3 servings