the Cow

The Story of Clara the Cow

Clara the Cow was born six years ago, on a dark and stormy night. Her mother wasn't quite prepared, as Clara wasn't due to be born for another three days, but Farmer John was ready and willing to deliver that baby cow, rain or shine (luckily for Clara)! Her first word, which she uttered as she shakily got to her feet, was "Mmmmmoooooo!" She soon learned many more words that that, "Milk, Cheese, Yogurt" were among the first. As she grew, she learned many things from her friends and family. They taught her how to play in the mud on a hot day, and how to dig down into a big haystack in the cold winter. Clara's favorit pastime, however, was playing frisbee. She'd hurl the saucer as hard as she could, just to see how far it would fly. Sometimes the wind would send it right back in her direction, and other times, she'd have to run for miles just to find it again. But she didn't mind, she loved the exercise.

As she grew older, she also grew a little smarter, and soon she was leading all the other cows across the field to explore every nook and cranny, and learn everything they could about the farm. Once, they came across a giant caterpillar, munching on some leaves. "Hello there!" Clara called out. "Hmm? Oh, hello," said the caterpillar. "I'm having my third lunch today, I'm so hungry, I can't get enough of these tasty leaves!" So Clara left him to his meal, and the group trotted across the field. A few weeks later, Clara became curious and wondered what ol' Mister Caterpillar was up to these days. So she went to look for him, but all she could find was a cocoon, hanging in the last place she'd seen him. "He must be sleeping off all that food!" Clara said thoughtfully. So she went back to the farm and played some more frisbee, forgetting about ol' Mister Caterpillar. However, after a few more weeks, she saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering around the farm, so she decided she'd go introduce herself. "Hello, I'm Clara!" She said. "Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Farms!" The butterfly stopped and looked at her, and said "I know who you are! You don't remember me?" Clara looked carefully at him, and suddenly realized that it was good ol' Mister Caterpillar, now transformed into a beautiful butterfly! "Well fancy that!" She said, and walked away with him, discussing all that had happened over the past few weeks.

Clara decided she wanted to go to college, so she saved up her allowance, and eventually, she was able to enroll in the Forget-Me-Not College of Milkology, where she learned all the important aspects of making healthy milk for the thirsty people. After four years, she earned her degree, and went back home to the farm. She taught all the other cows everything she knew, and soon, the whole farm was making super-healthy milk, and they couldn't be happier!